Category: Animation

  • The Great Chase

    I’ve always enjoyed Developing and Filming a Chase Sequence…Here’s a compilation of some of my Favourites.. Excerpts  Directed  by Nick Park  ( Wallace and Gromit ),    Pete Lord/Jeff Newitt ( Pirates ). Director of Photography:   Dave Alex Riddett.  

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  • The Baking of Loaf and Death

    Alchemists of Light and Wonder is intended to present some of the Behind the Scenes footage I ‘ve captured, collected ,borrowed, stolen etc. and also answer some of the queries I often receive on my Kinematic Travels……By way of a test piece…. here is a Short Film about the making of ‘Loaf and Death’ that […]

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  • Daves top tips no.93

    Today Dave Alex shows you how to light a set using an old Jam Jar….and we take a look at filming the Stair Chase Sequence from the Pirates Movie…………( thanks to Rob Done for the Pirates footage )

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