Shaun the Sheep. The Movie.

Well we are nearing the end of filming and I have to say  that this is looking good….I ve been working with some of the best artists in stop frame animation and model making since the beginning of this year and the results are all up there on the screen….you can see the craft and most importantly  the movie is a Joy , tells a story , and judging by our crew screenings  ( a critical test…)  is Bloody Hilarious… and,  I will add for our Camera team…. looks better than anything you are likely to see in any cinema or quite frankly anywhere ever……    ( Yeah OK I’m getting carried away…but it’s a fun movie and we’re enjoying creating it..)

Check us out later for behind the scenes footage ….

Meanwhile the latest Crew Photo  ( Thanks to Chris Johnson )

Click to Enlarge.STSM Crew photo final_1