Chicken Run                                                                                                                   2000

Wallace and Gromit, Curse of the Wererabbit .      Academy Award Winner      2005

Shaun the Sheep ‘The Movie’ .                                    Academy Nominee              2015

Early Man                                                                                                                        2018


CINEMATOGRAPHER ( Senior Lighting Cameraman )  

Pirates in an Adventure with Scientists                   Academy Nominee               2012

Shaun the Sheep 2 Farmageddon                                                                             2019



Wrong Trousers,                                                         Academy Award Winner      1993

A Close Shave                                                              Academy Award Winner       1995 

A Matter of Loaf and Death,                                     Academy Nominee                2008

Creature Comforts,                                                    Academy Award Winner       1989



Going Equipped,

Loves me, loves me not                                                                               ( Short film 1993 )

Pib and Pog,

Knobs in Space,                                                                                  ( Terence Higgins Trust )

London Film Festival 1994 Title sequence

Creature Comforts USA,                                                                                  ( USA TV Series )

Shaun the sheep    Series 4

Shaun the Sheep    Series 5

Shaun the Sheep    Series  6                                                                             ( BBC TV Series )

Wallace and Gromits world of Invention                                                       (2010 TV Series)

Wallace and Gromit Musical Marvels                                                        ( 2012 BBC Proms )

So You Want to be a Pirate                                                                          ( 2012    Short Film )

Plain Song                      ( Music video for ‘Native and the Name’.  Directed by Nick Park. )

Young and Russian       ( Music video for the ‘Korgis’. Directed by Dave Borthwick. 1979 )


DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY on many, many Commercials and TV Idents

For Aardman Animations, BBC, BBC Wales, Redwing Films, Yorkshire TV…………


STILLS PHOTOGRAPHY  Production Stills, Promotional Projects and Magazine Covers.

inc.  Radio Times, Wired Magazine, Telegraph…….


PHOTOGRAPHY for the 2010 Royal Mail Christmas Stamps


Principal Cameraman on Peter Gabriels SLEDGEHAMMER music video





Numerous Commercials, TV serials and short films includes;

Maynards wine gums, Terence Higgins Trust,  Nature sweet , Quavers , British Telecom.


Director/ Animator    on several stop frame sequences for SPITTING IMAGE

Animation Director/ DoP  for Three seasons of TV series ‘Round the Bend” :

‘False Teeth from Beyond the Stars’

‘Attack of the Atomic Banana’

‘False Teeth vs Atom Banana’                   



Bolex Bros  ( Borthwick , Riddett , Upton )   

Director/director of photography;


Grass Grow                                 ( Music Video )          

Vikings Go Pumping                ( Music Video for Loggerheads )

Igors Horn                                  ( Music Video for Startled Insects..Island Records )

Lost at Sea                                    ( Music Video for Startled Insects..Island Records )

Creatures                                       ( Music Video for Startled Insects..Island Records )

Juice                                               ( Title Sequence for TV series )

Recent Fiction                             ( Made with Dave Borthwick on the RFT course  1978. ) 






Lighting cameraman   ( Live Action ) includes



Emilys Voyage ( Documentary of an Atlantic Crossing in a 45’ Yacht. 1985 )

Fleece to Fashion  ( Wool Marketing Board )

Handmade              ( Documentary )

Short films for Slimbridge Wildfowl Trust





Hon. Fellowship  of   The Arts University of Bournemouth

( 2013   for his work in Cinematography and Animation )



Nominated for BAFTA ( Special Visual FX ) 2000

Nominated in the ANNIE Awards for Special Visual Effects 2018.


Other Awards and Nominations include:

British Animation Awards and Royal Television Society.


Mark Kermodes’    GOLD Statue  for Cinematography    ( Curse of the Wererabbit )




Member of  BAFTA and AMPAS












Filming Wrong Trousers




DaveCamera Moustache 2